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Welcome to Tentacontrol

Meat classification

Focus of Tentacontrol GmbH and of the subsidiary LCH Eurocontrol GmbH in the food sector is the neutral classification and weighing of slaughtered animals. As approved classification companies by the authorities we supervise slaughterhouses in the whole of Germany. … more

Certifications from national & international standards

Tentacontrol GmbH offers neutral inspections and controls throughout the whole food chain based on national or international standards on it its own or in cooperation with approved certification bodies. … more

Third party inspections

Tentacontrol GnbH offers neutral inspections of non food products as an independent testing company. …more

Tentacontrol – a Tentamus company

Tentacontrol GmbH is a neutral and independent inspection body offering a large range of services in the field of control and inspection.

Affiliated to the Tentamus Analytics GmbH Tentacontrol offers integrated and global solutions to the customers.

Qualitative and quantitative controls and certifications according to national and international standards represent our core business and cover agricultural and food products in addition to raw materials and industrial products.

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