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Meat classification


Neutral classification and weighing of livestock is determined by an officially approved classification company based on predefined criteria of slaughter animals, on-site in the slaughterhouses. This is the basis for the meat law of April 9th, 2008 and its implementing regulations.

The officially approved body classifies the individual halves of the slaughtered animal into trading classes and determines the weight. This data will form the basis for the settlement between abattoir and supplier.

Our services
Focus of Tentacontrol GmbH and of the subsidiary LCH Eurocontrol GmbH in the food sector is the neutral classification and weighing of slaughtered animals. As approved classification companies by the authorities we supervise slaughterhouses in the whole of Germany.

Tentacontrol GmbH and LCH Eurocontrol GmbH services cover :

  • Neutral classification and weighing of carcasses
  • Monitoring the cutting
  • Identification of carcasses
  • Creation of analogue protocols

To optimize and ensure the smooth flow of slaughter we work closely with leading software companies.

Tentacontrol GmbH and LCH Eurocontrol GmbH are registered under the following approval numbers at the Federal Agency for agriculture and food as classification companies:

  • Tentacontrol GmbH: DE-HH-2009-BLE 009
  • LCH Eurocontrol GmbH: DE-HH-2009-BLE 010

Tentacontrol GmbH – LCH Eurocontrol GmbH
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