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Tentacontrol GmbH- Northern Germany Neutral classification company, certification and inspection body under one roof

Based in Hamburg, Tentacontrol is an independent, neutral goods control company covering a wide range of inspection and monitoring activities with more than 170 employees.

Quality and quantity controls, certification of nationally and internationally recognized quality standards for foodstuffs, agricultural and consumer goods as well as raw materials and products of the steel and precious metal industry form the focus of our activities.

The History of Tentacontrol

1994 Foundation of Luxcontrol GmbH

1999 Luxcontrol GmbH acquires the classification division from German Control

1999 Approved inspection body at the BLE (Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Food) for the inspection of the optional data for beef labelling

2002 Approved certification body for the private system provider QS- Qualität und Sicherheit GmbH for all stages along the value chain

2006 Purchase of the certification body from the company Dr. Berns und Sturm

2006 Acquisition of the certification body and the classification from Eurocontrol Breitsameter i.L., integration of the certification customers into Luxcontrol, founding of LCH Eurocontrol as a new classification company and 100% subsidiary of Luxcontrol.

2010 Official approval as classification company according to the meat law and its implementing regulations (Luxcontrol and LCH Eurocontrol)

2017 Sale of Luxcontrol GmbH and its subsidiary LCH Eurocontrol to Tentamus Analytics GmbH

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